BlackLine – Stasha Lewis

Last night (March 9th, 2017) I was at Stasha Lewis’s exhibition, BlackLine, at 10 Hanover Street. I will admit it was a huge struggle to get there, it’s only a short walk from the A&D but it was the first event I’d been to where, normally, both of us would attend. I wasn’t sure I could do it on my own, turns out I could and I’m really glad I did.
Stasha is one of those artists who has the ability to surprise. Each body of work is different from the last, which can be a little difficult for those who like to pigeonhole artists. Her style change does not come from a lack of confidence in her own work or a butterfly mind, jumping from one idea to the next – though butterflies were what she showed with us all those years ago. Instead, each project is well thought out, structured and planned prior to execution.
BlackLine, in her own words “…is very simple. I thought about a line…A stretch of thin black against white…that could shape a curve, a length or a circle…A circle by us mere mortals is never perfect, just as good as we can make it.”
The work, at first glance, does indeed appear ‘simple’ but the depth of emotion she manages to impart with just a few basic lines is quite staggering. ‘The Reader’, for example, evokes serenity and calm whilst ‘The Kiss’ makes your heart jump with excitement and anticipation.
There is a nod to Matisse and Picasso with her oversimplified outlines, except her images have no colour which make them, for me anyway, less confusing. It really does go to show that ‘less is more’, though I think that’s probably a phrase Stasha’s purposefully tried to avoid.
Daniel was a huge fan of her work (we both are) and he would have really enjoyed this exhibition.
The Smoker (pictured)

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