September (say hello wave goodbye)

There used to be a fabulous restaurant called Septembers in the Kings Road, their clientele included Russell Harty and Brian Sewell. Now the restaurant and at least two of its patrons have departed. When we opened the gallery, in our naivety, we wrote to all of the major art critics, to inform them of our arrival. A few weeks later we received a hand written envelope, with a hand written reply from Mr Sewell, explaining that his brief was to cover the Public Galleries and occasional major exhibitions at larger spaces such as Saatchi. He did, however, also point out that his inability to cover our exhibitions would have zero effect on our future success as he assured us that if we had interesting exhibitions people would find us. None of the other critics replied, but then none of them had such innate class.  We are all going to miss Brian Sewell.

Brian Sewelll

Brian Sewell

As you may know, we occasionally let the gallery to artists who wish to stage their own exhibitions. This not only gives us time to work on our own shows but it also gives us more variety. One such show was ‘Heads’, a joint exhibition by Lizzie Thurman and Nigel Langford. A totally brilliant exhibition filled with great work, enthusiasm and excitement. The work sold well, their three P.V.s were huge successes, and everyone involved was delightful. These events really enhance the pleasure in running the Gallery. We hope to do something with the Yehudi Menuhin School next year, and we have had an outrageous and riotous preliminary conversation about an exhibition in 2017 with Tory Lawrence who brought her friend Maggi Hambling.

Tory Lawrence

Our Lichtenstein Exhibition has opened and sales are looking encouraging. Our annual advert in the Art Fair edition of Frieze, looks pretty stunning (we think). The P.V. started quietly but ended well, with many of our favourite people arriving to discuss the work, Jeremy Corben and God. Another great night at A&D Gallery.

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