Long to Reign Over Us…..

Today September 9th 2015 Queen Elizabeth becomesour longest reigning Queen.

As an anti-establishment, idealistic leftie, it’s a bit tricky when you explain your fondness for the Royal Family. True, Prince Charles’s occasional diatribes are closer to Marxism than “new  labour” ever got, but the whole privilege and inheritance thing can be uncomfortable.

However, the true value of Her Royal Highness the Queen became clear to me a while back. At the time we were having our way of life attacked by that Demonic Harridan of Bourgeois, Middle Class prejudice, Mrs Margaret Thatcher. While holding forth on my hopes for her painful and embarrassing death, an American who overheard me asked, “Do you feel comfortable denigrating the Leader of your Country in this way?”. I was shocked, I’d never looked at Thatcher or any other politician as the Leader of my country, but for a few minutes I saw what he was saying. In the various republics (USA, France etc.) their Presidents are their leaders, OMG!. I was able to retort (not as quickly as I would like) “No Sir, the leader of my country is Queen Elizabeth the Second, not some annoying Grantham housewife.”

It was wonderful. God bless You Ma’am


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